Laboratory scales: care and maintenance

These instruments are characterized by providing accurate weighing, so they are used in industries and clinical laboratories, where highly accurate weighing is required, so they must always be in the most optimal conditions guaranteeing their function; the variety of applications that have the scales requires that the staff perform proper maintenance and care.

There are different types of scales, however, although they have different characteristics and uses, there are certain conditions of use for operating equipment, general care and maintenance, which are applied to all scales; it is important for the operator to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, in order to maintain the quality of the equipment and extend its life time and use, we offer you the different types of scales that you can find on the market, but at the best price, do not hesitate to visit us and verify its characteristics HERE

Care of laboratory scales

  • It should be placed on a firm table without vibrations, without variations of temperature and humidity, removed from other equipment such as furnaces and marรญa baths.
  • When the dishes are not in use and the faithful should rest on their supports.
  • To place the weight, the faithful and the cymbals placed on the supports must be closed.
  • Use a clean, dry cloth to clean any spills of reagents.
  • Use tweezers found in the weight box, do not use your fingers.
  • Weights greater than 1 gr should be added when the arm is in a resting position, it should be released slowly and smoothly.
  • Check for a sharp swing in the cymbal after the arm is released as this indicates misalignment.
  • Always leave the balance connected to the socket and on to maintain the thermal balance of the electronic circuits.

Correct use of laboratory scales

  • It is advisable to do an initial calibration, for which, indicates to start the use of the balance, that the whole system is to 0.
  • First weigh waxed paper and add to that weight the substance to be weighed.
  • It should be used as follows: the weighing substance should be placed on the left side dish, and the gram units should be placed on the right side dish.
  • At the beginning of the weighing process the cymbals are released from their supports with the side button and then the faithful is released with the center button.
  • To obtain the hundredths and thousandths of grams, 0 of a small nonius placed under the scale is taken as a reference.
  • Consider the environmental conditions required for the balance to function properly.
  • Never lubricate a balance less than the manufacturer expressly instructs.
  • Turn the scale on about 30 minutes before use.

General maintenance of the scales

  • Use a cloth moistened with distilled water to clean the weighing saucer, so that it is free of dust or dirt.
  • To remove stains caused by spills you should use neutral mild soap.
  • Verify that the external and internal glass of the weighing chamber is dust-free.
  • Confirm that the front door of the weighing chamber and the entire mechanism functions properly.
  • Cover the balance to avoid that it is exposed to dust and moisture, which can affect the weighing chamber or the saucer.ย 
  • It is recommended to use only clean containers when weighing, and if there is any spillage immediately clean with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Organic solvents or chemicals should not be used to clean them.
  • The scales should be calibrated periodically.ย 
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to perform internal checks according to several factors, including the frequency and conditions of use of the equipment.
  • Avoid variations in temperature, humidity and solar exposure of equipment.

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