Maintenance of an electrosurgical unit

The electrosurgical unit is a medical equipment that uses heat-generating electrical phenomena; to achieve effects such as clotting, flushing, drying or cutting tissues, depending on the action desired by the medical operator. This is achieved, thanks to heat production by the passage of an oscillatory electric current, concentrated in a small area.

The use of this medical equipment during electrosurgeries gives rise to precise incisions without the need to exert pressure on the tissues, as well as its use allows easy access to difficult or compromised areas, offer excellent comfort in lifting hypertrophic tissues, facilitate the containment of hemorrhages and the healing of gingival tissues, and also prevent the infiltration of microorganisms in the incision line caused in surgery.

How is an electrosurgical unit constituted?

An electrosurgical unit is responsible for generating the high frequency alternating current used in electrosurgery from low frequency electrical currents, in order to achieve a desired thermal effect on a biological tissue. This medical equipment uses frequencies above 200,000 Hz because they do not interfere with nerve processes as they only produce heat and consist essentially of the following parts:

  • Indicators of modes of operation.
  • Power selectors.
  • Electrodes.
  • Foot switch.

Safety measures to prevent accidents when using an electrosurgical unit

An electrosurgical unit is a medical equipment for delicate use, so in Kalstein we recommend:

  • To incorporate a preventive maintenance program with calibration and systematic and periodic review of the electrosurgical unit, by specialized technical personnel and according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Keep a book with the record of these inspections.
  • Frequently train all personnel in the surgical area about the safety measures of electrosurgery.
  • Document the trainings.
  • Purchase equipment with safety systems that detect patient-plate failures.

Preventive Maintenance of an Electrosurgical Unit

  • Outside Cleaning: Care must be taken to keep the equipment clean both internally and externally.
  • Electronic Boards and Connectors: Usually dirt accumulates on the plates and this causes many equipment failures, so the plates should be kept clean; likewise you need to make sure that all your connectors are connected to them well.
  • Filters and Fan: If the equipment has forced ventilation, the filters should be kept clean or replaced if necessary, and the fan should be checked for proper operation. It is very important that this works to allow accumulated heat dissipation inside the electrosurgical unit.

How do electrosurgical units work?

Electrosurgical units as mentioned above employ high frequency electrical energy to create heat, in order to coagulate or cut biological tissues. The heat energy comes from electrons moving from atoms because of a difference in electrical potential, this particle movement produces photons that possess energy, which is transformed into heat energy.

The impedance or resistance to the passage of electrons, which are present in the tissues, is manifested by an increase in heat, which gives rise to the desired effect. Understanding that an unmodulated electric wave produces a pure cut, but if the wave is modulated or interrupted, coagulation is achieved. The patient is part of the electrical circuit that makes up the electrosurgery equipment, therefore, improper use, can produce burns.

Benefits of the electrosurgical unit

  • They substantially decrease the bleeding of the tissues, which prevents the use of gauze, which are related to infections of the surgical site.
  • It allows good asepsis and decreases the likelihood of transmitting infections from diseased to healthy tissues.
  • They provide considerable time savings.
  • Variety in instrumentation, suitable for each surgical act.

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  • The YR electrosurgical generator offers a maximum power of 400 watts.
  • 7 monopolar and 3 bipolar outputs are available.
  • The electrosurgical generator ensures a smooth cut through all types of tissue.
  • It performs automatic recognition of the return electrode, either solid or spilled.

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