Patient monitor and child monitors: different applications

A patient monitor is medical equipment that continuously detects, processes and displays the patient’s physiological parameters such as: respiration rate, blood pressure, body temperature and pulse. This equipment is equipped with an alarm system that alerts medical personnel when there is an adverse situation or outside the desired limits.

Role of a patient monitor

This medical device is responsible for collecting, displaying and storing all the patient’s vital signs. Parameters are displayed separately on the vital signs monitor. In the event that any of them is below or above normal for the patient’s age, or any other adverse activity is generated, an alarm is activated to notify doctors. These alarms are visual and audible, although they can be easily silenced if you are trying to solve the problem that caused them.

They are especially useful equipment in patients undergoing anesthesia, medication or any other treatment that determines the need for blood, medication variation or volume substitute, such as a plasma expander.

Types of patient monitors

  • Adult/Child: There are five basic parameters that today’s vital signs monitors record and display: Electrocardiogram (ECG), Respiration (RESP), Temperature (TEMP), Non-Invasive Pressure (NIBP), Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) . They are used in critical areas, the specific application by type of patient is achieved by accessories and consumables (electrodes, sensors, bracelets). It is advisable to always have consumables of different sizes available, so that the monitor can be used in infants and adults.
  • Neonatal: The care of newborns and premature babies requires special attention. Although the variables measured are similar to those of an adult, they must usually be measured differently. Variables such as breathing and temperature control are of great interest in this type of patient, as well as fluid and electrolyte balance.

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