What are the Main Applications of Climate Chambers?

Climatic chambers are units used in laboratories, research centers and universities to carry out studies or tests and check the behavior, durability, quality of products and materials exposed to these climatic conditions.

The cameras offer controlled environmental conditions, installed in the unit, operated through a screen or touch PC (digital method), with a software that allows to perform the functions of programming and control, display of recorded data, alarms, etc.

Applications and Use of Climate Chambers

Climatic chambers are devices capable of maintaining a controlled climatic condition, to carry out studies of a sample, as part of a productive or regulatory process.

In addition, these devices are applied in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector, which is performed, storing the product for 12 months under conditions of 25ยบC +/- 2ยบC temperature and 60% +/- 5% Relative Humidity.

The environmental simulation, recreated in the climatic chambers for studies of conservation in the face of temperature and relative humidity, with the option of adding a UV light tray for exploration and degeneration of the products to light, has developed the ability to create, food products of higher quality, maintaining their origin and offering customers, guarantees on the product and information on very important storage.

Likewise, the climatic chamber test applied to electrical medical devices aims to verify the stability of the equipment at certain temperatures and certain humidity levels.

For example, all medical electrical equipment that does not have a separate power supply should be placed in a climate chamber (relative humidity 93% ยฑ 3%) and in an environment within 2ยฐC of temperature in the range + 20ยฐC to + 32ยฐC for 48 hours.

Preventive Maintenance of the Climate Chamber

  • General testing of functionality.
  • Recognition and cleaning of the capacitor of the equipment, placed on top.
  • Check the door opening and closing.
  • Alarm Control.
  • Intervention of fans, lighting systems and additional equipment.

On the other hand, with respect to the humidification system, it is divided into three essential elements, which should be reviewed in different intervals, among them:

  • The filter of the climatic chambers, must be changed every 6 months, but also 4 if the use of the chamber is continuous, and with high relative humidity.
  • The humidity system fan should be replaced after approximately 55,000 hours of continuous use.
  • The Humidifier’s mist unit, on the other hand, is more delicate and must be replaced after 10,000 hours of continuous use.

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