What is a Walk-in Climate Camera?

A controlled climate chamber is a space where different environmental conditions are faked to determine the behavior of the material to be tested. The cameras offer a wide range of applications such as environmental simulation, accelerated aging, quality control, materials and systems research, product stability study, wet conditioning, behavior analysis of animal and plant species, among others

Therefore, it means that the walk-in climate camera is that large thermostatic unit, which can be accessed by a person. They are manufactured with special insulating panels, allowing to improve the weather conditions, generated inside the chamber. This type of climatic chamber is tailored to the measure, and each project is studied independently.

It should be noted that thanks to the size of these cameras, it allows the internal elaboration of studies within the same climate test. Therefore, it offers benefits for its large size, allowing displacement and weight of the sample tested, applied in industries.

Functional Features

The climatic cameras allow to control and manage only the temperature parameter, and the humidity, are handled by a control panel that can be positioned externally, to facilitate the operator.

The volumes of a walk-in camera, being beyond the common standards, are usually designed according to the requirements of the industries, taking into account space and specific applications.

The heating and/or cooling capacity is normally expressed in ยบC/min, being normal the values of 3ยบC/min in heating and 1.5 – 2 ยบC/min in cooling. However, the body of the chamber and the type of insulation, intervene in an important way, offering homogeneity of temperature inside the chamber, achieving recirculation of indoor air, with the help of fans. In addition, it has:

  • Multiple standard and custom configurations available.
  • Strong steel structure with insulated panels.
  • Ducted ventilation for airflow manipulation.
  • Security and data protection options.

Applications of the Walk-in Climate Chamber

This new equipment offers a significant performance higher than traditional thermoregulatory cameras, due to the technology specially designed for gas monitoring, LED lighting and cooling, which allow precise environmental control despite its location, designed specifically for the different stages of cultivation of the plant, insects, fungi and bacteria of various types.

Plant elements may require a large space in case of:

  • Widely distributed studies, hydroponic germination and tissue cultures.
  • Evaluate the different types of plants, to test their reaction in the same environment.
  • Evolution of the growth of a single plant, to analyze the results.

In addition, the space of these cameras, provides the placement of lamps for lighting and simulation of day and night cycles, essential for the plant.

Other applications of accessible cameras may include

  • Security modules and electrical cabinets.
  • Hydraulic equipment.
  • Great lighting mechanisms.
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Photovoltaic devices

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