The shaker is an essential element in the drug manufacturing process. It has the function of mixing the ingredients evenly, which ensures the quality and efficacy of the final medicine. It is an essential machine for the pharmaceutical industry, used for mixing and homogenizing liquids, and is designed to operate in a variety of conditions. It has a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be equipped with a variety of accessories to suit the specific needs of an application.

In this sense, Kalstein has is ideal for mixing liquids with a high degree of viscosity and/or a relatively high density. It is also efficient in mixing liquids with high levels of solids or a complex composition. The machine can operate in a variety of conditions, including low stirring, low turning speed, and high viscosity.

Types of Agitators (Skaker)

There are different types of shakers, each designed for a specific use. The most common are table stirrers, and they are usually used in laboratories and are designed to mix small amounts of ingredients. Bench stirrers, on the other hand, are larger and can mix larger amounts of ingredients. Table shakers are the largest and can mix very large amounts of ingredients. Choosing the right shaker for each case is critical to ensure the quality of the final product.

However, in Kalstein, we have table shakers and the same accounts with the following characteristics:

Recommendations for use

Once the right stirrer has been selected, it is important to follow a series of steps to ensure a homogeneous mixture of ingredients. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that all ingredients are at the same temperature. If ingredients are at different temperatures, they may not mix properly. Secondly, it must be verified that all the ingredients are in the same container. If ingredients are in containers of different sizes, they may not mix properly. Thirdly, it is necessary to ensure that the stirrer is working properly. Check that the shaker is in good condition and running at the correct speed.

Finally, it must be verified that the mixture is completely homogeneous. If a homogeneous mixture is not achieved, some ingredients may not be completely mixed. Following these steps is essential to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the final medicine. The shaker plays a key role in the drug manufacturing process, so it is important to select the right model and use it in the right way.

Shakers (Shaker) brand Kalstein

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