What are the standars for lighting an operating room?

The illumination of an operating room is essential for doctors to develop their interventions correctly, allowing to guarantee the health of patients. All lighting depends on the environment and maintains a correct clarity without generating any glare, in addition to avoiding eye fatigue for optimal medical performance.

In general terms, lighting should provide luminosity levels that allow for visual adaptation, so it is recommended that in the area of the operating table, average illumination of 2000 lux while in the room, average illumination of 1000 lux should be ensured.

Do not generate infrared radiation

White light is a device that provides much greater visibility within the operating field, and does not generate high temperature, considering that doctors spend many hours in an operating room. Otherwise, both doctors and the environment will suffer discomfort, which would jeopardize the intervention.

Thanks to LED technology, it is possible to carry out this type of lighting without the reproduction of heat towards the illuminated area, because, unlike conventional methods, its principle of effectiveness prevents this type of unwanted energy input.

However, LED lights have become the right choice for these environments, since it shows high energy efficiency, when compared to other light systems, reducing energy consumption, while extending light flow

Such devices are easy to install in order to mobilize their adjustment and even their transfer. This requirement must be adjustable, above all, to standing lamps, as doctors have to manipulate them to place them in the places that most favor the development of the operation.

Surgical lamps brand Kalstein

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The different colors (green, amber, red and warm/cold white) are properly combined where it is created (in the single light beam capacitor), but not in the surgical field, which generates super high CRI (Ra & gt; = 95). Meanwhile, the new light source requires fewer LEDs to achieve ideal lighting with less radiated heat. We also have the best prices in the market, because we are manufacturers and have the best advice to make your purchase the most accurate. Check out our catalog at HERE For your convenience, visit our page HERE