Surgical gas discharge lamps?

First of all, gas discharge lamps, made of halogen gas and quartz glass, are resplendent and provide a very intense and bright white light. For years, they were the best operating room lighting on the market. The closest thing to the traditional incandescent lamp that used to be used in the home. 

By using halogen lamps, it is composed of electric current, reduces energy consumption, and provides greater luminosity. Therefore, it provides a sharper picture for the view of the operating table. 

However, it has several drawbacks, such as temperature rise, where they can suffer inopportune blackouts, posing a risk to patients and a disadvantage to surgeons, exposed to heat, sweat or, worse, losing lighting, even if only for a short time.

Functions of Gas Discharge Lamps 

Gas lamps are light devices that improve the display, based on conventional incandescent bulbs with the addition of halogens. The irradiation, makes the planes radiant and the colors more vibrant. The gas lamps remain almost twice as long as conventional lamps and in most cases, are smaller than ordinary lamps. According to this, the lamps, are capable of: 

  • They regulate the lighting level according to each need, 
  • They have constant flows, which are maintained almost during the lifetime of the lamp. 
  • They have a long life of approximately 2.5 times longer than a normal incandescent reflector lamp. 
  • They project bright white light with natural color reproduction.

On the other hand, it produces visible light, based on the very high heating temperature that the filament reaches, and it is reconstructed by releasing halogen gas during this process, allowing the so-called “halogen cycle” to continue. 

Structure of Halogen Bulbs Installed in Operating Room Lamps 

The structure of a halogen lamp is considerably simple, since it is practically the same elements as the common incandescent lamps, since its different parts can be summarized in a bulb or, failing that, a quartz glass tube, filled with halogen gas, as well as the tungsten filament, with its corresponding support. 

These lamps can be found with different representations, volumes, and power in watt, manufactured with currents of 110 or 220 volt voltage, and others with 12 volt, using a voltage or voltage reducer converter. 

On the other hand, halogen bulbs are activated when the current flows through the thin metal wire that makes up the tungsten filament, caused by electrical charges or electrons, which produce much greater friction than when they flow through a wire of greater thickness. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas Discharge Surgical Lamps 

  • Expose, up to 30% whiter and brighter. 
  • In order to function, it requires less power and therefore consume less energy
  • Thanks to the fumes, the light intensity is not diminished with the passage of hours and prevents the glass from darkening.
  • Its shelf life is much longer.
  • They reflect the maximum light from the first moment and do not wait for them to warm up.
  • They’re capable of giving off a lot of heat.
  • They emit ultraviolet radiation, so protective measures must be used.
  • suffer more if they are subjected to continuous power on and off. In addition, they contain mercury inside, so they need to be handled carefully and recycled in clean spots.

Surgical lamps brand Kalstein

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