What type of lighting should an operating room have?

Firstly, the importance of lighting in operating rooms is a fundamental element for a correct surgical intervention, obeying that the environment of professionals is the most appropriate, to optimize the conditions of this type of work so critical.

Therefore, the lighting method is composed of several types of luminaires, where it can be highlighted mainly, those of ceiling installation and even foot type. Thanks to them, it responds to obtain a visibility of the entire operating room, without generating any worry, in addition to avoid eye exhaustion for optimal medical performance.

Nowadays, hospital centers are legitimate scientific and medical inquiry centers and the well-being of patients, is a factor to be taken into account by hospital managers. Therefore, it is mandatory to take into consideration the peculiarity and requirements for the lighting of the operating room, since there are a large number of different works that will require a specific treatment depending on the level of perception required to perform them.

Importance of lighting in the Operating Room

  • It should have white light, able to facilitate visibility is much greater, in favor of safety at the time of any intervention.
  • It has to provide LED technology, which does not generate high temperatures, otherwise health professionals will suffer discomfort such as drowning, sweating, dizziness and general discomfort, which would endanger the intervention.
  • Easy to install, for handling convenience.
  • Do not accelerate drying processes of the patient’s tissues.
  • ย Avoid visual tiredness.
  • Do not generate shadows.

Some of the peculiarities of these equipment, has to do with its shape and the integrated control, for an easy manipulation and adjustment of the luminous intensity. Finally, the lighting of the operating rooms has to be carefully selected, given the importance of the function it fulfills. In this way, the surgeon is able to perform his interventions with total accuracy and safety.

  • Types of luminaires for Operating Rooms

There are two types of lamps, recommended for their optimal performance and energy efficiency, including:ย 

  • Halogen lamps: They are incandescent, made from halogen gas next to quartz glass. They provide bright, penetrating white light, but present problems with temperature management, causing discomfort to medical staff. In addition, they may experience power outages, increasing risks to patients and hampering the work of surgeons.
  • LED lamps: they have enormous potential, due to their energy saving content and low maintenance requirements. Therefore, they are more effective than halogens. They also do not require filters to reduce the amount of non-visible radiation that halogens do need.

The result of good medical management goes beyond the condition of the patient, the medical equipment or the instruments; it is an optimal lighting in the operating rooms, in which they certify that the work in the surgical field, can be done with all guarantees. Therefore, it is important to know the different types of lamps for operating theaters (halogen or LED), their advantages and disadvantages and, of course, to ensure electrical safety in the operating room.ย 

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