What is a hot plate?

ย The heating plate is a laboratory instrument desktop and portable comprised electric heating elements and corrosion resistant to chemical and mechanical attacks. It is a device useful for heating fluid containers, glass materials, or contained within them, in a uniform and controlled.

This laboratory device is used in processes such as distillation, extraction and boiling. These devices have a power selector to adjust the temperature and the time required to heat the containers.

The heating plate can locate the laboratory of chemistry, biology and biochemistry, among its specific uses they are:

  • Dry chemical analysis.
  • heat treatment, evaporation of liquids.
  • Studies related to biochemistry and other compounds.
  • Heat flasks and other glassware

Some irons have a magnetic stirrer allowing the heated liquid is agitated automatically, this occurs when inserted in it a small magnet or stir bar and are preferably used to create solutions or solutions. Normally, the hot plate with a stirrer has a flat surface on which the containers containing the fluid to be heated or stirred, or both are placed. This surface is usually made from materials that are characterized by good thermal conductors such as aluminum [A] he or ceramic. They have also been developed using heating plates to heat only radiation sources of infrared type.

The hot plate stirrer has a heating element (electrical resistance), a system of control (on, off, temperature control, agitation control and respective motor). The engines used in these instruments generally are single-phase induction type, which is called gradient pole. Its speed depends on the number of poles and frequency of the supply voltage.

How to correctly use an iron heating with stirring?

  • First, introducing the reactants and solvent in said container.
  • Add the magnetic core.
  • Set preparation on the plate.
  • Connect the device to the electric current.
  • Connect the stirrer.
  • Set the thermostat to the desired temperature.
  • At the end of the process disconnect the thermostat and then remove the agitator.

What precautions should have the use a heating plate?

Bear in mind that to avoid accidents is necessary to comply with the instructions for use and maintenance of the heating plate:

  • Always connect the hot plate shaker to an electrical outlet in good condition that has grounded.
  • Disconnect the equipment before carrying out any routine maintenance.
  • Avoid using the equipment in environments where there is the presence of combustible or flammable materials. Also avoid using the equipment in environments with corrosive vapors.
  • Supervise carefully if required heat substances with low flash point. You could start a fire or explosion if vapors touch the heating surface at that temperature.
  • Note that the surface of the equipment can remain hot for a long period after the time has been turned off or disconnected.
  • Avoid placing on the heating surface: metal foils, materials with insulating properties, glass elements low melting point.
  • Avoid placing containers weighing more than the capacity defined by the manufacturer.

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