Clean and safe water is one of the most important factors for a safe and healthy work environment; a low level of water quality, or improper use thereof can lead to serious health problems, pollution of natural resources and environmental effects.

Thus, choosing efficient laboratory water solutions is vital to ensure a healthy and safe supply; currently, there are many options for laboratory water solutions useful to meet scientific and regulatory demands.

Among the most common water solutions we can highlight the following with their respective benefits

Deionized water is one of the most efficient laboratory water solutions; deionized water is a specific type of deionized water with a very low conductivity and completely free of biological ions.

It is specially designed for use in critical analytical applications such as biochemical testing, diagnostic testing, clinical analysis and research studies; this water solution is highly efficient, clean and safe for use in a laboratory where a higher level of quality is required.

Ultra purified water as a highly efficient solution in laboratories

Another highly efficient laboratory water solution is ultra-purified water; it is designed to be free of microbiological impurities, lotions and organic compounds, this solution is especially used in scientific applications such as microbiological analysis, animal biology tests and critical biochemical tests.

It is free of the most common biological contaminants and is capable of resisting ozonized degradation and chemical modification to provide excellent water quality and safety; for this reason, ultra-purified water is a highly efficient option for use in a laboratory.

Various water solutions are available for water purification with specialized equipment in the laboratory

Likewise, we can find other highly efficient laboratory water solutions that include distilled water and reverse osmosis (RO) water; distilled water is produced by removing chemistry and organic compounds from the water through an evaporation and condensation process.

A safe solution for critical parameters where maximum safety and quality are needed, Reverse Osmosis Water (RO), on the other hand, is created by a process of filtering an RO membrane designed to remove ions, salts, microorganisms, proteins and other compounds from a water solution.

It is important that specialists take into account the quality, pollutants and safety for the proper functioning of equipment in the laboratoryย 

Both are efficient water solutions for specific applications; as such, there are many highly efficient laboratory water solutions available; these include deionized water, ultra-purified water, distilled water and reverse osmosis (RO) water.

ย These water solutions are designed to provide a high level of safety, taste and quality to laboratory use; whatever laboratory water solution is most suitable for your need,

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