What are the fundamental design criteria for a laboratory recirculator?

The fundamental design criteria for a laboratory recirculator are essential for biological or chemical applications. These equipment can be air to air or air to liquid, depending on the use that will be given. For air-to-air models, a feedback air recirculation recirculator is required to map direction in laminar flow. Appropriate filter elements are essential to ensure accurate circulation.

On the other hand, air-to-liquid models require optimal flow to obtain effective ventilation. A circulatory system with appropriate filters is necessary to provide the maximum protection against contamination that can be obtained. The number of outlet stations, as well as the amount of ventilation and space in which they operate, should be taken into account. The use of chemical resistant materials with good mechanical resistance is also a factor to be considered when selecting a laboratory recirculator.

Also, having a temperature control for the use of chemicals is essential to prevent evaporation and spillage of them in the laboratory. The integration of a safety system including noise sensors, pressostats and bypasses to ensure the proper functioning of the filtration equipment located in each station, are also considered important aspects for the design of a laboratory recirculator.

Fundamental design criteria for a laboratory recirculator

Laboratory recirculators are versatile devices, designed to provide regulated flow and diffusion with a low oxygen breathing footprint. These recirculators are ideal for safety and temperature control of working fluids in laboratory and industrial production applications. They are equipped with a control board that allows parameters to be monitored and configured, ensuring a smooth and accurate flow. The recirculator has a resistant material, capable of resisting chemical corrosion, heat and pressure, which makes it a useful device for a wide variety of applications, since it allows to maintain a stable fluid, with a lower energy consumption. On the other hand, there are fundamental design criteria for a laboratory recirculator, which are essential to ensure a safe environment for work and accurate results, these are:

  • Provide a constant recirculation flow over time.
  • Ergonomic design that allows satisfactory long-term operations.
  • Incorporation of materials resistant to any chemical current present.
  • Incorporation of non-filterable components to avoid any deterioration of the results.
  • Selection of quality construction components for guaranteed reliability and durability.
  • Selection of motorized components for reliable flow distribution.
  • Perform compliance testing to ensure sufficient operating conditions.
  • Provide flexible mounting options to fit a large number of configurations.
  • Simplified maintenance with individual replaceable components.

Laboratory recirculator

The recirculator is an essential tool for any modern laboratory. This tool has the ability to recirculate the culture medium and maintain its temperature and quality in an optimal range. The recirculator is also used to promote nutrient exchange in cell cultures and provides better control of oxygen levels, pH and other components of the medium.

In addition, this equipment offers great energy savings thanks to an internal control system that monitors energy use, allowing a more efficient operation, saving both energy and time. Recyclers also offer superior safety by preventing harmful microorganisms from entering the system, reducing the possibility of contamination. The recirculator is easy to install and use, as it is equipped with control and programming options to suit your needs.

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