How do laboratory freezers work?

What are ultra freezers and what is their usefulness in laboratories?

Ultra-freezers are chambers that keep the organic substances that need to be stored extremely cold for long periods, which often represent valuable assets for scientific work, as they provide safe and stable freezing conditions for materials. They are essential laboratory storage equipment for the preservation of sensitive samples, such as viruses, cells, tissues, pharmaceuticals and many others.

They have the ability to reduce the temperature of a sample quickly to avoid any significant changes that may occur in its chemical composition. They are equipped with microprocessors, with a module and interface for proper control, monitoring and temperature recording in an operating range between – 40 ยบC and – 86 ยบC. This is useful when very low and uniform values need to be reached within the unit.

Ultra freezers are not only used in scientific applications. These units are also used in the food and pharmaceutical industries to freeze and store food and drugs at extremely low temperatures. This helps maintain the quality and stability of materials, as well as extend their useful life.

Ultra-freezers: technical characteristics of the equipment

Ultra freezers come with multiple large shelves, allowing them to store volumes of samples at once. In most cases, they include a safety system to prevent the deliberate release of frozen materials. This helps prevent thermal shock, which often occurs during gradual thawing. Some models also come equipped with alarms to detect unusual variations and allow users to know any temperature changes due to improper maintenance.

The cooling system consists of a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, a temperature control system, a temperature sensor, and a thermostat:

  • The compressor:ย compresses the refrigerant fluid, while the condenser will be used to remove heat from the refrigerant.
  • The evaporator:ย Releases cold-shaped refreshments into the freezer chamber.
  • The temperature sensor:ย controls the temperature inside the freezing chamber.
  • The thermostat:ย used to regulate the temperature inside the freezing chamber and keep it automatically at the desired temperature.

These low-temperature equipment must be used properly and calibrated accurately to ensure that stored materials are safe and protected. Maintenance and calibration times must be followed to avoid damage to materials. Although these equipments are a necessity for many operations in the laboratory, it is important to handle them with caution, in order to guarantee the safety standards, which define the technical characteristics of the product, guarantee the safe storage of the preparations, as well as the safety for the user.

Operation of Ultra Freezers

  • The control panel:ย is located at the top of the freezer. You can use the buttons to adjust the temperature and alarm reference values, in addition, it provides a visual indicator of the current values and alarm states (temperature failure, door open, low battery, service mode, key switch, alarm on, alarm sound).
  • Programming functions:ย these are handled through the keyboard that currently comes digital. The following functions are generally presented:
  1. ย ย Reference value of the unit.
  2. ย ย Alarm settings.
  3. ย ย Temperature setting.
  4. ย ย Programming mode.
  • Service parameters:ย the programming mode allows the user to adjust the operation values of the equipment (temperature, times and alarms).
  • Temperature Settings:ย Factory default temperature setting is -20ยฐC for all hand thawed freezers, including enzyme freezers.
  • Alarm system:ย provides visual and audible warning signals in case of power failure and temperature increase.

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