Why is a laboratory cytocentrifuge important?

In order to evaluate the importance of the cytocentrifuge we must highlight the utility and practicality of this equipment, in terms of the results obtained in the analyzes carried out in the microbiological studies, a specific case is the use of cytocentrifugation as a method of concentration of the sample to perform Gram staining, which is undoubtedly of great help in the microbiological study of the liquids of sterile cavities when an infection is suspected.

We can also mention that this method of cytoscentrifuge significantly reduces the required volume of sample, which is very useful in punctures from which a low volume of liquids is obtained and then offers results in a shorter observation time of preparation; as for the elements such as: cells, bacteria and leukocytes, facilitates the visualization and characterization of leukocytes, allowing differential fluid counts with low cellularity.

Importance of cytocentrifuges

  • It allows to obtain a greater sensitivity for bacterial visualization and a better quality of the leukocyte morphology.
  • It allows the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens in CSF for immunocytological techniques, the detection of Pneumocystis carinii in bronchial alveolar lavage, and for cytological study in joint fluid.
  • Time savings and improved sensitivity in microscopic observation are important when using a cytocentrifuge.
  • It is recommended to analyze samples of sterile cavities with low cell count or against clinical suspicion of severe infection with Gram negative stain by the conventional concentration method.
  • Tests of tissues and body fluids done in a cytocentrifuge can help doctors diagnose the cause, origin, and nature of certain biologic abnormalities.
  • The use of a cytorotor produces a concentration of the sample in a thin layer.
  • The use of a cytocentrifuge in medical procedures requires a smaller sample volume, which is very useful in extractions where fluid volume is low.

Safety measures and risks

  • You must follow the instructions for use before connecting the cytocentrifuge to ensure smooth work and avoid any damage to the equipment.
  • Only qualified laboratory personnel are required to operate the cytocentrifuge.
  • Do not relocate the centrifuge if the rotor is mounted on the motor shaft.
  • Use only the original cytocentrifuge rotors, test tubes and fittings, i.e. they must be from the same manufacturer.
  • If any malfunction of the cytocentrifuge is detected, Kalstein Technical Service or an authorized representative should be called.
  • Check if the rotor is mounted correctly before operating the centrifuge.
  • Do not cytocentrifuge materials that may form flammable or combustible mixtures.
  • Centrifugation of any toxic or pathological material is not permitted unless appropriate safety precautions have been taken.
  • Disinfect after procedures that may have contaminated the cytocentrifuge or its accessories.
  • As a safety measure never open the cover manually when the rotor is still rotating.
  • You should constantly check the rotor, containers or reducers for signs of corrosion or other mechanical damage.
  • It should not cytocentrifuge substances with highly corrosive properties, which could cause damage to materials and decrease the mechanical properties of rotors, containers and reducers.
  • It is important to keep the work area clean, avoid placing objects on top of the cytocentrifuge, which is lifted, move the cytocentrifuge during its operation.
  • As a preventive measure it is essential to respect the safety area or zone around the cytocentrifuge, a safety zone of 30 centimeters around the centrifuge is recommended and do not leave any material in that zone.

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