Why is it important to use the Baby Scale?

A baby scales, is an electronic unit capable only to weigh the baby, so it has a large and super comfortable tray so that the baby feels comfortable during the process. These electronic units provide various additional functions besides weight, such as memory and record differentiated from the previous weight.

Baby scales, also called baby scales, are equipment that is used both in medical offices handled by professionals, as well as at home. They are usually responsible for revealing the baby’s exact weight, even if the baby is restless or constantly moving. It can also support up to 20 kilograms (44 pounds).

The really important thing in the use of this type of equipment, is that as parents or medical specialists we use the baby scales, it allows us to ask the following questions: How am I feeding my baby?, Maybe it’s too much?, Is it necessary to take a medical check-up? Does it comply with the appropriate dietary requirements? For this reason and many doubts is that we dedicate ourselves to the task of publicizing the benefits that baby scales bring to the evolutionary development of the child. In this way, we know the importance of the use of the balance, as well as the types of scales, so we will know how, when and why this medical tool is needed.

Importance of using the Baby Balance

While it is true that there are various baby scales and they not only work to establish weight parameters, electronic baby scales like the one we offer in Kalstein, are the most advanced because they provide numerous performances in addition to weight, such as; the difference of the baby with the previous weight and storage record, which agrees to save the different levels of weights, so that a control can be made in the development of the infant.

That is why through the main function in the use of the baby’s balance is very important, since it allows to calculate and measure body mass to control the processes of growth and development, and can evaluate the feeding processes of infants, so that it is favorable to decide whether it is necessary to take health measures.

Thus, the baby scales have the following structures:

  • It’s electronics
  • It has adequate spaces to rest the baby
  • Supports up to 20kg.
  • Features weight controls
  • It’s elegant
  • Comfortable and accessible.

This tool is essential to take control of the weight of babies, and thus properly evolve with their developmental processes in each of the stages of life of the baby in pediatric age.

Types of Balance

  • Electronic Balance: This unit uses sensors to detect the baby’s weight through electrical mechanisms that change the weight based on the resisted weight. The reading is reflected digitally and can be read by an LCD display.
  • Mechanical Balance: works by mechanical methods that provide reading in an analog way. This model is divided into balance with flexible spring and balance with counterweight. They are not very precise, but their size is suitable for many care.

It should be noted that mechanical scales are widely used in pediatric offices and in nursery wards until a few years ago, but have now been almost completely changed for comfort, benefits and functionality.

Finally, it should be taken into account that scales depending on their location measure the force of gravity exerted by the amount of the mass, so it is necessary to calibrate the equipment to improve its functionality. In addition, this equipment requires constant maintenance for medical purposes.

Kalstein Brand Baby Scale

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