Benefits of Industrial ovens for Cosmitry

Industrial ovensย  are equipment responsible for producing large amounts of heat, allowing to operate with various materials and samples. In addition, its size allows several samples to be dried and in large quantities, allowing by processing cosmetic products for trade and treatment of materials, including curing and drying.

In this sense, Kalstein manufactures a wide range of equipment and ovens suitable for the drying of multiple heat sensitive articles, of complex composition of easily oxidized materials for quick and efficient drying. Ideal for polymerization, heat treatment, accelerated aging, etc., ensuring uniform temperature throughout the useful heating enclosure.

This equipment is used as a tool for the cosmetic sector for strategic purposes, to technically resist the service life according to the type of benefit and its conditions of manufacture, planning and use. As well as for the determination of contexts and increase the storage, marketing and selection times of cosmetic products, minimizing the cost.

Characteristics of Industrial ovens

Some types of ovensย  on the market exist depending on heating systems, such as curing, operate through heat treatment processes used to speed up chemical reactions. Drying: it is designed to separate moisture from the materials inside and operates by heating where the material is fanned to the necessary temperature to remove moisture in a specific time. Likewise, the soak acts by manifestation to the heat during a specific cycle of time. At the same time, the typical applications are pre-treatment and painting, in addition to sterilization, incubation and temperature testing.

On the other hand, cooking: combines the functions of drying for the production of cosmetic products for marketing and consumption. Similarly, the continuous reflux type: its function is similar to the above but they are used for mass production of the raw material and with constant thermal methods.

Benefits of ovens

Among the main benefits that the industrial ovens offers, is: precise temperature control, energy saving, decreases heat in the environment, efficiency in drying processes, cleanliness and hygiene, flexibility, profitability, durability and high strength, reduces ecological impact, prevents damage to products.

Therefore, in Kalstein with all the experience of the world, can and is able to provide our users with the appropriate industrial ovens , which offers extensive development and optimization of formulations, supported by a great state-of-the-art technology, where the development of the analysis processes validate the physical – chemical and microbiological stages for better quality control of cosmetic products. Also, it estimates the useful life of the product to provide information for verification.

Finally, it offers examples in the benefit of formulas, supporting qualitative and quantitative changes of ingredients, reform of techniques and changes of means of packaging and closure of products. All this in order to ensure the location of cosmetics that are available to the consumer.

Industrial ovens Brand Kalstein

At Kalstein we offer you the best equipment on the market of the highest technological quality, ready to meet all types of chemical, physical and microbiological processes.ย  We have a variety of modern and functional equipment, this includes a wide selection of ovensย  belonging to the YR series, which have special functions where the use of the interior chamber of the equipment speeds the design of the arch, the exterior is made of cold rolled steel plate, the surface uses electrostatic spraying. On the other hand, it has alarm systems of overheating time, which is activated when there is overheating. The door has double glass for better supervision

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